Task management function (GTD)

I know there is plugin for tasks but I think its can be improved.

I think need be task section in obsidian with notification alert for example look on this apps singularityapp and MLO.

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I don’t know why tasks is so popular - it’s not bad but all those icons annoy me personally.

I instead prefer Reminder which supports native notification too. To set notifications the right way, check out your computer notification system. At least on mac, notification works flawlessly.

I’ve been using MLO since 2015, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

I have switched this year to doing my GTD inside Obsidian with the help of a custom-built script designed to replicate my most-used GTD functionality from MLO. I’ve created a guide and demo vault here which you can check out:

There is almost certainly functionality you need from MLO which is not covered here. While it’s definitely harder to achieve what you want in Obsidian, I now believe that it’s possible to replicate almost anything from MLO inside Obsidian with a bit of scripting.

As a side note, I don’t use reminders in my Obsidian task list. Per my understanding and practice of GTD, anything that’s date-activated should be in your calendar.

look great. I will try it.

but all my point that is need be builtin obsidian.