Task in a tabulation is not rendered properly

What I’m trying to do

I am very new to obsidian and started using it with GitHub - EliWimmer/Obsmd-Life-Manager themes and setup + my own adjustments.

I am trying to record meetings I have this by using the [meet::] tag and then, have the note of the meeting on a tabulation. This allows the Linked Mentions of the things I reference to show the full meeting instead of just the paragraph where the mention is.


So far, so good.

The problems start when I want to have a task in the [meet::] + tabulation. As shown, it doesn’t render as it should in the tabulated space.


This task can’t be interacted with.

I’m not familiar at all with this theme or setup.

The last commit was 9 months ago, so it might not be updated for Obsidian version 1.0 yet.

The help docs give a Twitter account. And you could consider opening an issue on the theme’s Github page.

I think you might be making a mistake by jumping into a complex system like this first. It might be better to spend a bit of time getting used to Obsidian and Markdown in general, before adding extra functionality and plugins. But that’s up to you of course!

Do you have an example from any documentation where you are being told to use the [meet ::] or [meet::]syntax? I’ve never seen that before. So I can’t really help you solve that part.

But I see that you are also using indentation wrong, as far as I can tell. Which is why the task isn’t rendering properly. You can’t really indent a line like that. If you want to indent a bullet (a checkbox is a type of bullet), it has to also be below another bullet. This is a basic Markdown syntax rule:

This is not correct:

    - [ ] Task

This is correct:

- Test:
    - [ ] Task


The proper markdown indentation is indeed rendering the task correctly.

I guess I got fooled by the | rendering with the tabulation and was expecting obsidian to do some magick in the background.

Thanks a lot for your quick and helpful response.

Regarding the [meet ::] stuff, I expanded on Obsmd-Life-Manager/Daily Template.md at master · EliWimmer/Obsmd-Life-Manager · GitHub where you have [Morning Gratitude :: ] [Daily Intention :: ]. I supposed they work in combination with the dataview plugin to create the tracker you can see here : Obsmd-Life-Manager/Screenshot 2022-02-28 153758.png at master · EliWimmer/Obsmd-Life-Manager · GitHub.

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