Task Filter Question

So I am a new user to Tasks, and it seems to do alot of what I want it to do. But I can’t seem to get the filter to ger what I want to do.

What I’m trying to do

On my daily note, I have a section called ‘Today’s Frog :frog:’, and I would like it to display all not done tasks that have priority = ‘Highest’, or are due today, or are overdue. (note that I have some tasks that are assigned hard due dates, and some tasks that are assigned priorities)

Getting a list of tasks that are highest priority, due today, or overdue.

Things I have tried

filter by (function task.priorityName == ‘Highest’) OR (‘due on or before today’)

I tried looking at the tasks documentation, but I’m not sure what I am doing wrong with my query. I also have no idea how to roll in the not done functionality at this point.


(priority is highest) OR (due on or before today)

tbh, I’m now not sure what the purpose of the filter command is when the query was that easy.

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