Task + Dateview. Timpestamp on task completed

Hi, im struggling trying to get the timestamp when a task is completed in the format of YYYY-MMM-DD HH:mm. I only get de year, month day but not the hour and minute. I configured that way in Dataview plugin in Task Settings but doesnt work. I deactivated Task plugin and activated, change some config but no luck.

Sorry. English is no my native language and im been using obsidian just for two days.

Have you turned off Settings > Dataview > Task Settings > Use Emoji Shorthand for Completion, and changed that date format?

If the Emoji shorthand is enabled, I don’t think you’re able to change the date format.

dataview settings config

task settings config



Those setttings for Dataview will apply when you complete a task from a Dataview query, they’ll not apply if you complete the task from a Tasks query.

The date format used by the Tasks plugin seems to be fixed to YYYY-MM-DD with no options to change it. It’s marked as readonly within the source code of the plugin (line 31 of src/Task.ts).

Hi, i understand now. Its a shame that Task plugin doesnt give that option. I will try to created in a dateview query.


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