Tally2obsi-py – Migrating Notally notes to Obsidian

If you’re like me and have used Notally for years, you may have amassed a great number of notes that you just can’t be bothered to move by hand. Thankfully, we’re able to backup our database, so I tried my hand at parsing the database and generating all the notes contained in it to their own markdown files.

It doesn’t get everything though, as I’ve left out trashed notes, obviously; lists, as they’re a little more complicated to handle; and text formatting (bold, italic, underline, links, etc.) for the same reason as lists.

A neat thing is that the UNIX timestamp is kept in the database, so the creation time of each note can be passed on to the newly made files. This way, graph view can still play an accurate timelapse. I’ve implemented this just for Windows, but left some notes on how one could do so on other platforms.


That’s it from me. Below is the repository for the script, suggestions and contributions are welcome!