Taking note with obsidian as Highschool student

I am in the first grade of high school and I want to use Obsidian as my note-taking app. I usually use my traditional method of taking notes on paper, i want to take note to improve my life and my grades in some ways. However, I don’t know where to start. I have seen several note-taking methods, such as the MOC from “Linking Your Thinking.” Is it worth it to switch from the traditional method to Obsidian? If you are also a high school student, has it improved your grades, also consider we have technology such as wikipedia?

I’m currently in my 3rd year of high school, Obsidian is incredibly beneficial to me not only for the benefits to organising in the present, but also looking back on notes in the future (which I believe is where Obsidian truly shines). To start off I highly recommend just writing in Obsidian what you would normally do on paper. When things start to get cluttered then decide how best to organise your notes. I found success with @nickmilo’s LYT youtube video series but you could use any kind of organisation system that suits your needs. To start with you really only need 2 folders: Notes and Attachments (where you will put images etc). Then you can go from there.