Taking a screenshot of daily note (which has dataview) and sending it to myself using IOS shortcuts

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What I’m trying to do

Hi all, I use a daily note which I love which is made up of 3 dataview tables - I currently have an IOS shortcut which sends a URL link of this daily note to myself via imessenger.

This is useful - however, on days I am feeling lazy and don’t want to interact with my note I sometimes don’t click on the link.

Prior to getting more complex with my daily note (which did not have dataview tables) - I used to send the body of my daily note directly to my messenger. So my question is, is there a way to easily capture the contents of my daily note e.g what is being displayed in the dataview table - either by an automatic screenshot of the note which I then send to myself.

Or can I somehow capture the dataview table resutls which displays the outcome (as oppose to the underlying syntax) - which I can then send to myself?

Things I have tried

Asked the forum!

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