Tags with documentation

Tags with documentation

I am using tags to create meaningful classifications of my notes. Therefore I want to make sure I can remember the meaning of a tag that I haven’t used for a while.

The way I handle this at the moment is by having a document where I store the documentation of every tag I am using in my vault. This helps me not to introduce different tags with the same or similar meaning. Without such a documentation of Tags I always end up with a more or less messy tag cloud.

The support of Obsidian for Tags is already great as it shows me the list of existing tags when I add them to a document. And it lets me see all Tags in the right sidebar. That is great.

What I am missing is additional information about the “meaning” of the tag when working with documents in Obsidian.

Proposed solution

I would love to have the documentation of tags being shown while assiging tags to a document. E.g. as a tooltip when I hover over a Tag in a document. It would also be great to see the tag documentation when selecting a Tag from the dropdown. Again in the form of a Tooltip. That would give me the “information on my fingertips” that I need to pick the correct Tags.

Editing the Tags could be made possible in the “Tags” view in the right sidebar. In that view it would also be great to be able to see/read the Tag documentation (perhaps again in the form of a Tooltip)

Current workaround (optional)

I am currently maintaining a “tags.md” file where I document every Tag that I am using in my vault.


I use the same taxonomy as in my Google Keep[PNG]notes.

My tags aren’t special as in “nested” or such - I just adopted a naming convention that means something to me and sorts itself well alphabetically, looking like a pseudo hiearachy.


My labels are compounded & separated by “-”. The first part is reduced to 1 or 2 letters, followed by ones without vowels that are still decipherable and then a final “full” part … e.g.



- health nutrition - nutrients - protein - 

I also PREpend & APpend my labels with “-”.

I do this so that, after importing my Keep notes into Obsidian or Logseq, I can better “find” them in …

  1. Obsidian, Logseq graphs

  2. Regex(regular expression) searches

  • a lot of #otherPeopleTags appear after capturing information in Obsidian; to just see notes with my tags I do a regex search:


I also use extra “-” to “lift up” my labels to be sorted higher.

… some examples …