Tags to be a different colour from links

it would be nice if tags looked different from links in the preview mode, like they do in edit (even more different would be nice, as right now in edit mode, tags and URLs are also a same colour); different colour +/- italics for example

This can be done using the Custom CSS plugin and targeting the tag class .tag in your obsidian.css file. Here’s an example:

.tag {    
  text-decoration: none;    
  color: white;    
  background-color: royalblue;    
  padding: 1px 8px;    
  border-radius: 10px;    

.tag:hover {    
  text-decoration: underline;    
  color: white;    

yeah, I actually ended up using a css theme that makes them look different in the preview mode (still appears same in edit mode)

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