Tags, Sections, Metadata, Dataview and bullet (ish) style journaling

Despite using Obsidian for a while, I am still trying to figure out the best way to proceed with making my Daily Notes, which are at the root of my bullet journal(ish) daily notes/tracking/etc. In particular, I am trying to figure out where to use tags, sections, and/or metadata for logging and entering items in a way that is amenable to later collection/collation and display.

How are you making these choices and how do they differ, if they do, based on the item? For instance, entering tasks is simple enough, but I’ve seen some who are expanding the use of the task item with other symbols in the bullet itself [*] and [>] and the like, while others are tagging the task.

Another example: habit tracking. I see it done as part of the daily metadata, I see it being tracked as individual items with tags…which to choose and why?

Another example: I am a diabetic, so I would like to continue tracking my blood sugar readings. What is the most versatile way to do this? Right now I am just using something like this as individual lines: 0723 - 137 #bs which is great because I can just click the tag and see a kind of ad-hoc historical view, but I suspect will make it hard to do other, more sophisticated tracking and display?

I assume some of these methods are “better” for later mining or summarizing with data view than others, but it is still overwhelming.