Tags link in linked graph

Hi, i need some help to know if i’m making it right or if i need to send a ticket for an issue.

Context :
I got tags for my courses and i would like to see my related notes with tags using the graph.
So this is my graph, i added some depth to be sure that it shows everything from my opened note.

The thing is, i would like to see what is connected to my tags, like if it were a link between two notes
Linked graph

General graph

I’m already on depth 3 and +

still need help

I’ve also tried something similar, and it does seem like the graph views don’t show neighbors to the tags. The solution I found for my self, is to switch to actual notes for those where I would like that effect.

In your usecase, I would suggest to change the tags you’re using for courses, to actual notes. They don’t need to contain a lot, but them being notes instead of tags, would give you the relationships you seem to look for. (And that would also give you the opportunity to have some general reflections as to what the course is, and maybe when you attended, and so on? )


I see, thanks a lot.


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