Tagging contacts

Hello dear Community
I am searching or suggesting (depending on whether a solution already exists) for a simple way to tag contacts to notes or tasks.

The contacts could ideally be imported from Apple Contacts or Outlook, and the prompt should be as pragmatic as possible (eg. @doejohn instead of #contact/doejohn).

The goal would be to enable filtering of Tasks (in for example “Task” Plugin) or notes according to participants, sources from a contact tag. Without making the

I tried by creating a note for each contact and attributing aliases, but obviously it doesn’t work very smoothly, especially for the task.

I’m not exactly sure if this requires a new plugin, or whether there is a pragmatic method that is possible with existing community plugins – but an idea would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Try the Simple Mention plugin.

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Good idea! Unfortunately the plugin bricks my Vault so far - but I will try to resolve it.

Sorry, it’s not obvious to me why you needed aliases and why it wasn’t smooth. (I was going to suggest a note per contact, and just type “@” before the link to the person-note to mark it as a mention.)

Did you mean to delete “Without making the” or write more after it?

That’s the way I do it. All my contacts have their own note with the note title starting with a @. The benefit is, that I can store any information about that contact that I need.
If the contact is a company for instance and I want to mention a specific person in that company, I use an alias in the link.

Example Single person contact:
Note name: @JohnDoe
Mention: [[@JohnDoe]]

Example Company contact:
Note name: @TheCompany
Mention: [[@TheCompany]]
Mention of a specific person in that Company: [[@TheCompany|@MrSmith]]

Works perfectly for me, no need for a plug-in, no hassle, just simple and effective.

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I have a quick Templater script which solves this for me.

I have a People folder with a note for each person I reference. In the gif above you can see that I have prefixed my people with the ‘@’ symbol, but you do not need to do that. No symbol is needed, it just works off the names of the notes.

When I want to mention someone I use the hotkey Alt+2 (the @ key) which inserts this Templater template:

// Get the list of people
const folder = 'People'
const people = this.app.vault.getFiles().filter(f => f.path.startsWith(folder)).map(f => f.basename)

// Pop the suggester
const person = await tp.system.suggester(people, people)

return person ? `[[${person}]] ` : ''

When you press Alt+2, a suggester list pops up on the screen, you just start typing the name of the person and press Enter, and the script will automatically insert the link to that page. Super super fast.

If you don’t like filling in a specific note for a person, then I recommend to use a Dataview that automatically shows all the linked pages for that person. That way the person page will be useful in that it lets you immediately browse out to all other mentions of that person.


Amazing. Do you know if more complicated system can be created via Command palete?
For example in your case you will call out the Command palete, then type something like: “ADD object”. After this new subcategory will appear (new list):

  • Add people
  • Add place
  • Add priority

And after choosing one of above another list will appear.

Do you know what I mean by this?

Sure, that’s easy, just do the entire thing with Templater.

  1. Create a Templater script and assign it to a hotkey. Since it’s assigned to a hotkey, it will appear in the command palette.
  2. The script will pop a suggester with your choices of People, Place, Priority.
  3. Pop the next suggester with the next set of choices based on Step 2.

Amazing I didn’t know it that by assigning it to key it will appear in Command palette!

Do you have some Templater script doing this?
I have no idea how to add lists inside different sugesters (as they are also lists)

Wow that seems exactly like what I am looking for. I’m not familiar yet with templater - obviously it didn’t work yet but I’m working on it.