Tagged Links

I think it would be useful if links could be tagged, in particular for graph view.

Use case or problem

I find myself wanting to use tags to relate different projects (pages) together. For example, a #depends tag, to indicate one project depends on another, or #blockedby to indicate one project is blocked by another one.

Proposed solution

I propose making links taggable. If I could tag links, that would allow me to do this in a way that associates the two pages together in a directional way. This could also be applied in the graph view, to filter by links, rather than pages (the two pages connected to each link
are implicitly included in the resulting graph). This would allow me to examine the #dependency graph.

Current workaround

I don’t have a current workaround.


I like your thinking here. I will add this link just because I believe it could be helpful for some (Add support for link types). I am not saying I think this should be merged. I am simply just adding the link.

Thanks for sharing this idea! Very cool premise!

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