Tagged journaling workflow

I have an idea in my head of a good journaling workflow. I’d like to describe it, and see if anyone knows of an app that exists and is close to what I describe.

I’d like a journal with one or more entries per day. Each entry can have #tags anywhere in the file. The editor is a chronological view of all entries, but this view can be filtered by tags based on what I’m doing.

Example: I start working and take notes in a file called “2022-10-26 Upgrade Server” tagged with #work. Then I go to the doctor and write what happens in “2022-10-26 Dermatologist” tagged with #medical. Then I go back to work and continue writing in the work file. Someday in the future I’d like to see the context of all doctor visits, so I search for #medical and see all the notes in a nice chronological view without seeing the unrelated #work notes. Any project that was ever tagged becomes very easy to jump back in and resume my train of thought.

Simple, but elusive. Is there any Obsidian plugin, or even any app at all that works like this?

If I understand your requirement correctly you can already do that with Dataview or Obsidian Query Language

Obsidian supports searching tags in their Search plugin out of the box. That would be the easiest way to accomplish what you described. You can do more complicated things with the Dataview Plugin, but it doesn’t sound like it would be necessary.

For example, open search (“Search in all files”, CTRL+SHIFT+F on Windows) and type tag:#medical to get an index of every file containing that tag. You can even used nested tags, if you like. Consider using #medical/surgery or #medical/checkup. Both of those tags will show up in a search for #medical but you have the option of being more specific. If you go down this path, I recommend the Tag Wrangler plugin.

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