"tag:#tag1" OR "tag:#tag2" in the same query?

Is there a way to search for tag:#tag1 OR tag:#tag2 in the same query thing in a note?

I have all my ideas for stories, poems, and random ideas and I have certain tags that are for certain content (ex: *#theme/x is only gonna be with poems).

I already have a note with all the tags for that medium (using the same example, I have a note with every tag that would only be used for poems).

So, what I’m asking is if it’s possible to do the ```query thing, but with multiple tags, but the results don’t need to have all tags listed in order to be shown (ex: if I have #theme/x and #song for poems, not every poem will be #song or have the same theme, but I still want those notes to how up.

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense:/


tag:#tag1 OR #tag2 


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…I can’t believe I didn’t think of that… anyway, thank you:)

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