Tag Sentences

Is there a way to tag a sentence in a paragraph ?


You can add a tag to a sentence and then use the tag UI to come back there later. Is that what you’re asking for?

To my understanding, in the present setup, adding a tag to the sentence means only placing a tag along the sentence. The tag in no way is associated with the sentence per se. What I need is a method to tag for e.g. the 3rd sentence and the 6th sentence in the paragraph without the tag being part of the sentence. Something akin to a block referencing except for sentences is what I am looking for.

Either as you are writing or after the fact you could move each sentence into the body of a note or as the actual note title.

Then, in a separate note you could just embed the sentences if you used the former method or simply add links if you used the latter. At this point you would be able just add the tags within the proper note.

In addition to this, if you wanted to tag an entire paragraph, you could embed each sentence note link or embed of a paragraph within a paragraph note and add the tag within that note and embed that within the composite note.

In case you were unaware, when working with embeds, it can be helpful to go split panes with the same note open in both. You can do your editing in one in edit mode while the other is in preview mode. This same method would be helpful if you went the paragraph note route except you would have the composite note in the adjacent pane in preview mode while you were editing sentence content in the sentence notes.

Hope this helps some. It sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks for suggesting the workaround which would be fine when the matter is in small quantity. However with tons of content to work with, this workaround becomes too tedious.
The requirement is more about annotating the sentences with tags. Hope the dev team comes up with this feature.

You’re welcome. That is true.

One way that may be a little quicker if you are using the sentences as note titles is to just select them and hit the square bracket twice then either ctrl click the link or alt enter from within the sentence then hit your hotkey for navigate back. I personally have a macro in autohotkey for this purpose. You would just have to watch special characters.

Also, if you always returned a new line after each sentence it would make the sentence selecting automatable as well. To do this you could turn off line wrap while during sentence link process and have cursor at beginning of line and do something like shift down then shift left left to select a sentence. I am not at a computer so I may be wrong. Or you could temporarily use vim mode which has a key binding to automatically select lines.

Maybe do a feature request. Thanks.

I’m also interested in this feature and I’m actually surprised this has not been implemented in any note app as far as I can tell.

What I’m looking for specifically is something l like this:

<work> some note about work </work>

Then I would be able to extract all the notes pertaining to the tag work.

I should be able to do <work.projectName.phase1>some notes on phase 1</> and that would allow hierarchy and leaves. I’m really puzzled why developers never implement this given this is how we actually structure a large volume of logic during development.