Tag search is inconsistently fuzzy

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type #tag, #awesome-tag, and #tag-foo.
  2. Open the tag pane, and note that each tag shows a single match.
  3. Click on #tag, and watch as two matches show.

Expected result

I expect a single match, which would be consistent with the information displayed in the tag pane.

Actual result

Both #tag and #tag-foo are displayed.


  • Operating system: Linux
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.3
  • Using custom CSS: Nord

+1 it actually seems to be double counting every tag for me. Not sure if that’s a separate problem. OS: Mac OSX 10.15.5 and Obsidian Version: 0.7.3

+1 from me as well. Wanted to report this but found this thread.

The tag β€œ#project” shouldn’t match tags β€œ#project-a”, β€œ#project-b” etc.

As a workaround, with the recent search improvements you can use quotes like this: "#project" to only search for β€˜#project’ and exclude β€˜#project-a’ and β€˜#project-b’. :slightly_smiling_face:

this should be fixed now .

This is highly debatable. Some people use nested tags and would like to see the whole tab hirararchy when tying the root tag. You can open a feature request about this.