Tag search capability

Use case or problem

Hi folks, my tag list grows ever longer, and I desperately need a way to search the tags to minimise risk of duplication, to aid with sorting into logical nested groups, and, in simple terms, just to manage the list.

Proposed solution

Place a search bar at the top of the tag list in the tag pane

Current workaround (optional)

Current workaround is to type tag in open note. this creates a fuzzy search and I can quickly zero in on the tag I want.

the moment I type #a it will list everything that starts with or contains an a, #an further narrows, etc.

That is what I want in the search bar in the tag pane please

Related feature requests (optional)


Have you tried the Tag Wrangler Community plugin?

As a workaround, you could put an empty note in your sidebar (at least on desktop).

thanks for suggestion.
Unless I am missing something, tag wrangler does not do fuzzy search. It allows renaming and so forth, but I cannot see how it can directly search my tag list, to key in (for example)
#art and immediately see #artisan #artisans #artisanal #part #cart … etc and so enabling me to see spelling errors, tags that need to be combined, and, most importantly, take me straight to the tag I need.
this is a big issue when you have hundreds of tags.
If tag wrangler does this, I would love to learn how to do it

I agree that is in fact the best workaround @CawlinTeffid, as typing into a note does the fuzzy search.

What I don’t understand is why, after so much development in this powerful tool (Obsidian), that gives you the ability to discover and link ideas and notes at lightning speed, why something as fundamental as searching tags has not been forthcoming. I imagine, for example, that the developers of this tool must have an extraordinarily large database, and so must themselves encounter this challenge.
Not being a tech guy, I may not understand that I am asking for something that is not possible to do, and so the note suggestion you make will continue to be the best workaround

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The lack of a search box for the tag list surprises me but its absence hasn’t been much of a problem for me, so altho it seems basic I imagine it’s not fundamental for everyone. There are many, many features competing for the developers’ attention.

the moment I type #a it will list everything that starts with or contains an a, #an further narrows, etc.

Agree. For me, I would be happy if this was the response when I start with tag: in the existing search bar.

I think there’s an existing bug report or feature request for that.

anyone knows if there’s a chance of proposed feature being implemented? ran into exactly same issue and the “new note” work around works, but it’d be nice to have a proper builtin interface as proposed. given “fuzzy” search is being implemented in notes already I’d assume it won’t take much effort to put a search bar with it at the top of the tags list

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If the feature request hasn’t been closed, there’s a chance.