Tag pane?

Is the tag pane gone in the newest update(s) or have I just forgotten where to find it?

You can open the command palette, search for Tags: Show Tags and then place the tag pane where you would like it to be.

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Got it. Now how do I toggle it back off when I’m done with it?

You can turn the Core plugin Tags off, which will remove it. You can then just toggle it on again, but it will again have to be placed where you want it to be.
For easier use i would suggest just leaving it on and for example put it in the pane where your File Explorer and Search is. You can create hotkeys for all of those panes.
I have:
Files: Show File Explorer → Alt+F
Search: Search in all files → Alt+S
Tags: Show Tags → Alt+T

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Hmm. Seems like a bug that this can’t be opened in a pane which can then be closed. I appreciate the help with the workaround, though!

Well the File Explorer, Search and Starred Notes Panes can not be closed either, so I don’t think it’s a bug. I agree that it is a little weird, because Outline, Backlinks & Outgoing Links can be closed, but I would guess that the design choice here is that those last three are note specific data, while the former three are not.

They can be collapsed, though, so visually they can be closed. Once the tag pane is manually opened, as far as I can tell, it’s impossible to collapse it. (I mean, you can manually resize it, but you can’t collapse/uncollapse.) I would expect it to behave like the File Explorer, Search, and Starred Notes section.

Ugh. And it still doesn’t go away…exactly.

If I turn off the Tags plugin, what was the tag pane converts instead to a links pane…that still seemingly can’t be closed.

Do you have a theme active by any chance? I can not collapse any of them. I only have the option to close them completely. I can collapse the content in a backlink pane to only see the notes, but that does not visually close it completely. I have a collapse option in tags to only see the top tag categories.

That’s in a sidebar right? Sidebars have another hotkey to toggle them. There’s one for the left and one for the right.

Edit: If I have the Backlinks pane in a sidebar i can just right click it and select Close.

I’m using the default theme. That whole left pane can be collapsed here:

Inside the tag pane (which, yes, is a sidebar) I can “collapse” the list, so that it isn’t showing any tag hierarchy, but the window doesn’t change. I can toggle it between tags and links, but I can’t seem to make it go away. Right-clicking doesn’t give me any options.

Toggling the sidebar worked.

I still think that’s buggy behavior.

Same for me. As I said above, I can only imagine that the design decision is that the Panes File Explorer, Search, Tag and so on are vault specific, while Outline, Backlinks, etc. are note specific. BUT, given that they are all Core Plugins, I agree with you that they should behave in the same way. In this case a right click option to close the panes.

Maybe you could open a feature request, if there isn’t one already. In the meantime, I hope the workarounds will make your daily workflow easier :slight_smile:

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