Tag Pane Doesn't Work As Expected

Use case or problem

I’m wanting to toggle between using and not using the tag pane. This used to be relatively simple, but it seems to now be a multiple-step process – with none of the steps being intuitive.

Currently, in order to open the tag pane at all (as far as I can ascertain), it’s necessary to use the command palette and do this “manually.” At that point, it opens in the sidebar. But it can then not be closed in the same manner it’s opened. It’s necessary to once again use the command pane – with a different command this time – to toggle off the right sidebar.

None of this is how I would expect it to behave, especially having used it before when I seem to recall its having been a more “organic” part of links pane.

Proposed solution

There are three different options here that would make sense to me, one being less logical than the other two.

Option 1: Make it work like I seem to remember it working before – allowing the tags to be one of the options in the “links view,” along with backlinks and the local graph view. This is a user-friendly option, but it makes less logical sense than the other two options, since the tag pane is global, not local.

Option 2: Make the tag pane an option alongside the file explorer view, starred items, and search. This would be my first choice. It’s highly intuitive, both in terms of the organization and the usage. You’d then be switching between finding notes by title (file explorer view), keyword (search), or tag (tag view/pane).

Option 3: Another more global option would be to make it an option on the left-side navigation, where the “open graph view” option is. There’s a logic in having these two options go together, although I still think option 2 makes the most sense.

Current workaround (optional)

(See above, about the command panel.)

For me, it’s in the top right ribbon all the time (but I use the mouse rather than keyboard). I haven’t noticed a change apart from the juggling to incorporate tags.

Hmm ok, I guess we had a misunderstanding in our earlier discussion regarding your problem.

Both of these work already:

  1. You activate the Tag Pane via the command palette, as I said earlier.
  2. The Tag Pane will appear somewhere.
  3. You can drag that Tag Pane, like any other pane, into any space you want.

You can, for example, drag the pane over the File Explorer Icon or Search Icon. You will then see a thin line, that indicates whether you will position it to the right or left in that list of panes.


Agreed, you should be able to drag the tab pane anywhere you like. If you can’t, that might be worth some debugging for a potential plugin or theme issue.

Personally, I keep mine in a tab in the same left-side pane as Files / Search / Tag / Starred. So I never close the tags pane. I just switch back to Files or Search using a hotkey.

On the right, I keep Local Graph / Recents (a custom query note pinned) / Outline / Backlinks / Outgoing Links / Calendar.

And I’ve had it setup like that for a couple years now. I don’t remember anything changing about the workflow.

I can’t. It’s not draggable (at least as far as I’ve been able to tell), and it’s missing the “three dots” menu option that would allow me to close it, which the links panel has.

No controls here for the panel itself – just for the contents of the panel (e.g. collapsing tiers of tags):

Unlike the link view, which both has options for closing it, and will allow me to drag it to the bottom or the right:


For dragging, in that case, can you try in the Help Vault to see if it’s a theme/plugin issue? And if your Obsidian installer is older, you might have to download and reinstall.

And, I see what you mean. I don’t see any obvious way to close it either. The only way (and same in this old thread) is to unload the Tags plugin in settings. I’ve never closed it, because I just keep those tabs open all the time.

I do set hotkeys to hide the right and left side panels. (Cmd-[ and Cmd-] for what it’s worth.)

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I don’t have the three dots in any of these menus sincluding links. I can drag tags.

It’s not there if you open the pane by using the command panel. The GUI programming for the links pane seems to be totally different if you open it via the context menu. Then you have the additional options I screenshot.

I can check for plugin interference, but I’m just using the default theme.