Tag pane and Tag Wrangler plugin not working on Android?

Hi, I love the Tag Wrangler plugin on the desktop, but I can’t activate it on Android devices (tried a phone and a tablet). When I tap the slider in config/community plugins, it just remains off. Can TW be used on Adroid? is there something I’m missing?.

  • Safe mode is deactivated
  • all plugins updated
  • Core plugin “Tag pane” is activated, but I can’t seem to find the tag pane in the Android interface
  • Everything working fine on Desktop, using the same vault synced via syncthing

Thank you!

I. Tag Pane
(If enabled in the Core plugins) Pull down to bring up the “Command palette” and start typing … “Tag pane” into the input box … already after “Ta” … Tag pane: Show tag pane will appear to click on to open the Tag pane in the same location as the file explorer (you can also later set up a hotkey for it) Clicking on the left arrow ← will bring up the other left pane choices: File Explorer, Search … etc. & once you know where it is located, toggling here brings up your left pane choices quicker than the command palette.

II. Tag Wrangler
When in Obsidian Android Community plugins browse, search for Tag Wrangler & click on it, it states:

This plugin does not support your device

… also

Mobile compatible: No
from …

PS: Would be nice to easily see this in the github_Readme instead of having to open manifest.json to see

"isDesktopOnly": true

… and it doesn’t look like the developer presently intends implementing mobile support … he does say:

you can always copy it to your mobile device after changing the manifest to say false. If it works, then great!



Thanks a lot, this might be the most informative answer I’ve ever received

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