Tag page for a person

What I’m trying to do

I use nested tags to sort people (family/wife, family/son, work/boss etc)
With Tag Wrangler, I can create a tag page, which is nice to have a page with extra info – image, text, links. Or so I thought, because I must have misunderstood Tag Page, since whenever I insert something into the Tag Page of say my wife, it turns into a normal page, not connected to the tag.

Things I have tried

The question is, do I have to create a page for each person, tag it with the appropriate tag and recreate the hierarchical tag folder for the pages? Seems a bit cumbersome – I would prefer to have all the info in the tags, or at least create the person page via or through the tag, if that makes sense.

I don’t have that problem, it is working as expected. What do you mean by “normal page”? Does it mean you won’t get a preview anymore when you hover a tag?

When you are modifying a tag page, don’t delete the frontmatter! Actually a tag page is nothing more than a “normal” md document - what differs is just that it has the actual tag as a page alias. So you can even create a tag page from anywhere by adding to the frontmatter Aliases: "#anyTag".

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Normal page, as in I create a tag page from the tags, I modify it, and then then the option is “Create a tag page” again, not “Open tag page”.

I presume I deleted the frontmatter, not knowing what or how that works. Still a lot of learning to do. Thanks!

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