Tag or Tags in metadata and screening in dataview

What I’m trying to do

I am using the metadata tag and tags interchangeable. What I have noticed, if I screen in dataview, either tag should be used or tags.

Is there a way to change all metadata called ‘tag’ into ‘tags’ so that I have one definition to work with?

Things I have tried

search and replace plugins, no real solution found

I’m not sure what you mean by “if I screen in dataview”, but you’ll want to use tags: going forward. tag: still works, but is depreciated and will be rewritten to tags: if you use the Properties view UI.


For mass editing, you could look at the global-search-and-replace plugin or use Sublime Text, VSCode, etc. (how I usually do it).

Either way, always make a vault backup before any mass changes. :owl:

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hi ariehen,

This is very helpful! I mean with “if I screen in dataview” filtering on tags: I use: “> table tag as “Tag”” sometimes I do not see Tags and sometimes I do not see Tag.

Anyway thank you for your reply, I will use tags going forward and I will lookinto the global search and replace plugin!

thx again🙏

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