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So I have a vault called LL.B (Hons) for my uni work. I added tags to some notes yesterday and today I realised that I couldn’t create a group with the tag in graph view. I also can’t see any notes in the search pane when I select a tag from the tag section in the right-hand pane, nor can I find those notes when I search for them manually in the search pane. I can, however, access them from the Files pane.

The only tags I’m having this issue with are the tags with the vault name and those nested within it, e.g., LL.B.(Hons), LL.B.(Hons)/Essays, LL.B.(Hons)/Submissions, etc. All other tags are working.

I tried the main vault (this vault is nested within a bigger one) and these aren’t working there either.

I’m so confused about this since i think they were working yesterday. I’m not sure tho.

Any help would be appreciated. Please keep in mind that I’m relatively new to this so complex words are gonna fly right over my head.


Have a look at the tags tag format help documentation →

You can use any of the following characters in your tags:

  • Alphabetical letters
  • Numbers
  • Underscore (_)
  • Hyphen (-)
  • Forward slash (/) for [Nested tags]>(Tags - Obsidian Help)

So, a . and ( ) aren’t going to work for tags.

You could try a variation: #LL-B-Hons, #LL-B_Hons/Submissions, etc.

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Ohh. Got it! Thanks so much. Seems i missed the () thing. However, . have been working for me. Has there been an update or smth maybe?

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