Tag Nodes Filtering in Graph View

Use case or problem

I use a lot of tags to keep track of all my work and also to organize it for searches. But I only want some of those tags to show up in graph view as Nodes. I don’t mean filtering out notes which have tags associated with them, I know that is already possible, I am talking about filtering the linking graph nodes of certain Tags when having the Tags option enabled. An example for this would be my Tags “Literature” or “Definitions”. They occur in almost every part of my Vault but aren’t really supposed to link together different subjects, they are just for easy searching. They still show up as nodes in graph view though, linking together parts of my graph which basically don’t have anything to do with each other which are internally linked together by the tags that are actually useful in graph view for me such as topical tags like “Encryption” or “Algorithms”.

Proposed solution

Well the easiest solution would be another filter option just for tags (which should also take into account hierarchical Tags). For my purposes a simple list of tags (again, the graph nodes, not the associated notes!) to exclude from the graph view would suffice.

Current workaround

Currently I just try to trag all the tags which don’t belong to a particular topic to the middle ,so there is a big spaghetti mess of lines in there, but at least it doesn’t disturb me when looking at the other parts of my graph.


:kissing_heart: I also need this feature, which is a useful feature because some tags are associated with so many notes that they are just a category. But other tags are useful.
So filter out the big tags to make the graph look better, otherwise it’s all lines.

So do I. In my case, I use some tags together with the Groups feature to color-code my graph view, and so I’d like to be able to filter those specific tags out.

For example, I have many files with the tag #Idea, but their content is more than often unrelated. Therefore, I’d like to have those nodes separated instead of linked by a tag which is only there to assign them a nature.