Tag metadata/description

Use case or problem

Usually tags are self explanatory.
#meeting, #daily, #ShouldAsk or any other you might have.

But there might be some tags you create and at a later point you don’t remember what they are about because you abstracted it.
This can lead to forgetting what the original purpose of the tag was and mixing meanings
#AskSM is this about asking the Scrum Master, or Asking during the Sync Meeting?
#clean does this mean that something is already cleaned? Or something must be cleaned?

Proposed solution

There should be a way to list the tags and allow a some simple metadata to be added to describe them.
Maybe these two fields.

  • Summary
  • Description

When using a tag, in the selection list also include one of these fields.
When hovering over the tag display the description.

(inspiration from https://stackoverflow.com/ )

Current workaround (optional)

Create a note for Tags descriptions, when trying to use a tag go into this note and find the definition you gave it.
Or search for the tag and read the context where it was used.

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Other workarounds:

  • A description note per tag (optionally enabled by the Tag Notes plugin and/or with embedded search for the tag).
  • Use clearer tag names. :wink:

I’d pick 1 field instead of 2, and display it at the top of single-tag searches (with a switch or option to hide it).

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