Tag Mass Action: Add, Rename, and Delete a tag in multiple files (Tag Wrangler)

Tried installing your plugin via BRAT and it said “Obsidian must be at 1.16. Yours is at 1.3…” Numbering mismatch I’m sure… could there be a fix for that?

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Thanks for spotting this. I installed BRAT and confirmed v2.1.1 should be all patched up and ready to go!


Good work @Gorkycreator. Worked great.

Looks like a great plugin. But from version 1.4.3 on, with the ability to merge properties (like e.g. tags), I see a way to either merge template properties to a note, and even a way to “inherit” (though not in a programmers way) properties …

Another plugin that I found, this one in the community plugin store:
fez-github/obsidian-multi-tag: Obsidian plugin that allows the user to add a tag to all files in a folder. Still in development.

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So I decided to finally tag all my old notes today, found this thread and your suggestion. It’s a great bulk tagger.

I know, right?

+1 for the multi-note adding of tags.

Now that properties are available it makes sense to me that this can be targetted for manipulation of the text.

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+1, an essential wish.

If you have YAML and tags you need a built-in tool to edit, change and delete them in bulk.

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Basic functionality

I wonder if it is possible to borrow from database design and do something like the following:

  1. Create a file for each tag you want. Have a special naming convention like tag_dogs, tag_cats, etc.
  2. Create a multiselect property field that takes one or multiple tag_filename as an input.

Now whenever you create a file, you select one or more tag_file as a property of the file.

Now each tag_file aggregates all the connected files.
Also can use dataview to get aggregations by tags and tag combinations.

The important benefit over standard tags is if you change the name of the file used as a tag, it propogates across all other files that references this. Also this imposes some discipline over tagging as you can’t create slight variations via typos since the tag_file needs to already exist to be used and referenced.

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Still waiting on this feature too.

Just spent a few hours trying to figure out if i can use regex and powershell to add a single tag to all notes within a folder in my vault. The reason i wanted to do this was so i can see what notes are related in the graph view.


You can see notes that are clearly connected with the same tag, though in my vault they are in separate folders.

I think it would be cool if all notes dropped into a specific folder automatically get a tag, or list of tags, added to them.


Folder for school notes and when a note is added to that folder the tag “school notes” (or any other specified tag) is applied.

Use Zoottelkeeper → Find & Replace to convert the link to tags @PiesHelpfulOven

You can do that with the plugin Templater.

I just merged a couple of vaults and realize that I introduced inconsistencies between them while working them separately, so I look for a way to make a bulk edit over tags and… find this thread :slight_smile:

So I join the request too. Thanks!