Tag Mass Action: Add, Rename, and Delete a tag in multiple files (Tag Wrangler)

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Hi Ward,

I watched the video. I see that she was able to do a search and replace. However, I am not seeing how to use Tag Wrangler and VSC to add a tag to multiple files.

What am I missing?

+1 for this feature!

@safrazier It is not shown there, but one possible solution might be to have one base tag that you add to every note. Then, if you temporarily moved a bunch of notes you wanted to add a certain tag to into a folder, you could do a search (for the base tag) and replace (for the base tag and the desired new tag). Exactly how this would be accomplished would depend upon how the tags were formatted in the note. I believe it should work well with a frontmatter list or a frontmatter array, and less so with tags intermingled in the note.

I’m not sure this was the implied solution, but it could save some time for cases where lots of notes need a certain tag.

Good luck!

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+1 from me :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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Not really, I attempted to try multi-cursor over multiple txt documents and it won’t work. Only on a single file will this work. Which is no better than manually changing every file you want to add the tag in Obsidian. Good idea though, just tested and it won’t across files sadly.


Please add this. +1 from me.

@impermanent_tao I would do the search and replace in VSCode. But definitely make backups first.

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I want to add my +1
Batch adding and removing tags would save me a lot of time

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+1 from me.

I sometimes bulk-create notes (eg. when importing Kindle Clippings, where each book gets a separate note) and it would be nice to just select them in the file browser and right-click to

“add tag”


“add template”

this should perhaps then be added in front of the first character followed by a line break. Thanks!

+1 from me to

We need this :frowning:

I often find myself wanting to add/remove tags in batches.

We need this

Honestly, I thought Obsidian did this - I would have hesitated to move to Obsidian if I knew it didn’t. It feels like a core feature, especially when one is creating a filing system.

I imagine the difficulty is that tags don’t exist in a separate part of the file - they can be put anywhere. So - when you retag, where would the new tag be put?

I imagine a direct replace or edit of the existing tags in situ might be easier to implement.

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Agree, this seems essential! Hope it gets added asap… I didn’t realize this wasn’t possible, but now it’s going to halt my full migration over to Obsidian that I was planning… sigh.

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this feature request is been hanging around for 3 years?!

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I was surprised no one made a plugin for this yet, so I made my own:

It enables right click options for bulk tagging selected files and adds an entry next to ‘copy search results’ to tag search results, among other things.

Not listed in the community plugins at the moment, but figured I’d share if anyone is interested.