Tag in Front-Matter (but not in the tags property)

What I’m trying to do

Have a tag in a property in the front-matter (which is not the tags property)

I have a status property in the front-matter which holds the current status of an order I made, currently it is either “Shipped” or “Received”, but I would like those to be tags instead: “#Shipping” or “#Received

Things I have tried

I searched for “tag in properties”/“tag in frontmatter”/similar, in both this forum, DuckDuckGo, and in community plugins, but the results all talk about the tags property

Here is a minimized example of the situation

status: "#Received"

status2:: #Received2

In the front matter, it only displays as text, not as a tag
The inline dataview does show up as a tag
However neither of the above adds the tag to the file, so searching for tag:#Received does not list this file

Having the property inline does work, #Received2 is clickable and searchable

This feels like an unexpected workaround, and it means I have to put the status outside of the front-matter, where all other data about the shipment resides

That’s currently not supported. There is a feature request for it.

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