Tag groups

I have a nested tag structure like #parent1/child1.1/child1.1.1 , #parent2/child2.1/child2.1.1 etc. Is there a solution if I want something like “shortcut” or “group” for example : #child1.1.1 will reference to #parent1/child1.1/child1.1.1 ?

It’s useful for multiple reasons like
-shortcut/group looks cleaner in the documents while at the same time benefit from tree tag structure view.
-Some apps like margin note does not allow nested tags, so shortcut/group will solve these problem.

From the appearance side of things, I’ve seen a plugin that hides the ‘base’ of the tag (“Base Tag Renderer”), only showing the last part. Doubt this will help with other things that don’t like nested tags, but it could at least make the tags look cleaner.

I don’t think there is. Autocomplete will probably suggest the long version when you type the short one, but that’s about it.

Actually, have you tried using the short version? It might work if you don’t have multiple nested tags that include the same thing (or it might not — I don’t use nested tags).

I use this plugin toshow only the end tag (in read and edit mode)… works like a charm. You can type #child… and it will auto-suggest the full tag, so you do not have to type in the parent part at all… and when you hit enter, only the child part shows.

I can not say anything about syncing tags with MarginNote… except that MarginNote is pretty cool, along with liquidText…

I have tried but short version without hierarchy structure has significant disadvantages. I’m using zettelkasten structure by which I have two folders:

  • “annotations” it contains all notes without subfolders. Every note is tagged with deep tag stucture.
  • “integrated” folder contain notes organised in subfolders. It’s integrated knowledge derived from multiple notes in “annotations” folder based on tags.

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