Tag <center>Text<center/> ruins my edit mode

Hi guys,I’ve started to use Obs recently and I faced one problem.

As you see,here is nothing special in the review mode. But let’s turn the edit mode on.

Edit mode on

How it supposed to be displayed

WHAT is this?What happened to my text and links and how to fix this?
Maybe there is other way to center the text,pls tell me.If there is similar topic on this forum,pls link it in your massage or link any other recources or topics on other sites/write down solvation,so I’ll be able to fix it.TIA.

Upd: I catually used two kinds of my Zero-Links. [[00 Example]] does not exist while at the same time [[00 Заметка]] actually exists.You are able to see it in the 2nd pic.I’ve highlighted it with red brush.

Does the issue persist with the default theme? If not, it may be a problem with the theme you’re using.

In general, though, <center> is obsolete. If you e.g., want every second-level heading to be centered, you should change that in CSS with something like:

h2 {
    text-align: center;

Hello and thanks for your reply.
I’ve tested out this problem in the Help File and got the same issue.
Here some attachments:

Edit mode

View mode

Upd: I actually want to center any text I want no matter what size is.I even made ahk script to paste center and center/ but faced this :smile:

I imagine the use of the obsolete center element is still the problem.

Use <span style="text-align: center;">Some text</span> or similar instead.

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Yeah,thanks!That solved my problem.

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Btw,I actually found out what caused the problem.
Even if I use obsolete tag,I can fix the problem.
The thing is… I wrote wrong second element(which is stops action of the tag.)

So proper way to code it is <center> some text </center>
But I didn’t close the tag so I wrote <center> some text <center/>
So I placed slash in the end and this is why this happened.
Thanks again!
I wish it will help some other ppl who faced the same thing.

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