Tag aliases


Linking translations of words used in tags like #dog and #hund.
Also for abbreviations or synonyms. (#USA, #U.S. etc should group together)


I’d want an expanded tag panel were I can see all of my tags and either right click them and edit them one by one, or have an edit button at the top of the list that opens a bigger gui that gives access to all tags and their aliases.
This could also be added with tag folders like described here


Same issue here.
Was tagging some addresses for restaurants, and have to choose in which language to tag.
Maybe something like #restaurent|レストラン would work?


I would like that too as I write both in English and Portuguese so trying to use tags in only one language feels bad
I was thinking it could be like a note where you have a mapping of all your aliases


+1, Same question

Same issue, would be very nice to have it. It is a feature I would need on a daily basis. Thanks for bringing this up.


Use case or problem

I would like to add inline tags within my text rather than having to add a corresponding tag separately, which is less natural and one more step. This works when the tag word is only used in one variation. But it is not possible to tag EXPOsé and l’EXPOsition under the same EXPO tag. That would be neat, though.

Proposed solution

allow an ending delimiter to tags, not just the # at the beginning.
This could be written this way l’#expo#sition or #expo#sé. The ending delimiter would not appear in view mode.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

reply to revive this topic,it’s a good & necessary feature

+1 here, would be very useful indeed!

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