tabSidian: Save your browser tabs to an Obsidian markdown file

Not a plugin, but an Edge/Chrome extension. This extension will save all your open browser tabs to a markdown file (title + link).

Save the file to a folder in your vault and then you can do as you please: add comments, move to their own document, etc.

At this time, it’s very limited (not even in the Chrome store) and will output a file with a metadata section at the top (date & time created), followed by an H2 heading for each title and the URL to the page.

You can find it here: cgranier/tabSidian: tabSidian gathers your open tabs and turns them into a markdown list. (

There’s also a full article about how I wrote it with GPT-4:

I’m thinking of adding more Obsidian-related features, so if you have any suggestions, throw them my way. For instance, it would be nice if we could decide which code/markdown should surround each title.

Let me know what you think. I was finally able to close my 10 browser windows after months of procrastination :wink:


Reading up on Obsidian URI to see if I can automate all the file saving bits!

Wow, this is cool! I never would have thought of creating or looking for a tool like this, but I can see how useful this would be! I’m gonna try it out!

Thanks. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions to make it better.

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Oh, this could be useful! And super interesting write up, too.

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So I tried to implement the URI scheme to save the markdown file automatically to the user’s vault. While I succeeded, there is an inherent limitation to the length a URI can have, which results in truncated files (or error messages).

So, it works, but it doesn’t ;-(

I’ll focus on the formatting options for now, so that y’all can pick how you want the list of open tabs formatted. But you’ll still have to save each markdown file manually.

Ok. Version 1.5 now includes the option to customize your markdown, so that you can match the output to however you work with Obsidian.

Next version should simplify this a bit more to give you more options.


Love this idea, thanks for creating it! I just went from 30+ tabs down to 3 tabs for the first time in ages.

Also, the plugin doesn’t seem to create links to “pinned” tabs. Not sure if that is a feature or a bug, but I personally like it, as all of my pinned tabs are “apps” that I don’t need included.


Ignoring pinned tabs is a feature. It ignores all pinned tabs, settings:// tabs, and any other urls you add in options.

You may also select two or more tabs and it will only save those.

Glad you liked it and that it has helped. Let me know if there’s any features you’d like to see.


This is now publicly available on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store:

tabSidian - Microsoft Edge Addons


Thanks, this is really a saver for me (pun intended)! I have a bad habit of hoarding tabs, and this is so far the most straight-forward solution for saving the tabs of a whole window.

A tip for Mac users: we can’t use the suggested workflow of “Pinning the download folder in my vault for Quick access”, since it’s a Windows feature. For me, the quickest way to configure default folders for different apps and calls is using the app Default folder X. The app anyhow is not free or open source, but it comes with Setapp subscription.

Tips of FOSS or quick Mac-native solutions are of course welcome :slight_smile:

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It have had a hard time dealing with this issue. I found a extension by name of TabCopy for that long time ago but it was not very efficient eventho it supports MD.

@cgranier , Is it possible to make this available on Chrome too? Can I install it manually on my Brave browser?

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I have played with taking info from browser and sending to obsidian vault using Obsidian URI and the solution that works consistently is to use the URI to send all the things but the main part of the message (which in my case was page content) . I just copied that part to my clipboard in the code and put a place holder for it in the structure with <% tp.system.clipboard() %> which using Templater plugin to past the content in that part of the note I want. Maybe you can use something similar to solve the issue.


It should work on any Chrome-based browser. I will look into publishing it directly to those marketplaces though.


I would appreciate if you make a post about here to notify us.


I made some changes and bugfixes, hopefully you’ll accept my pull request :slight_smile:


Hardcoded line breaks were removed to allow for bullet lists and checklists, for example. Also, fixed a bug that restricted ALL tabs if you had an ending return in the restricted sites list (which is very easy to accidentally add).

Also added better default restricted sites ( is not a domain that is used).

Updated version, documentation and examples.

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Awesome idea! This reminds me of how useful it would be to have a snyc API (in the sense that i could call api.pullvault(enckey) and api.pushvault(enckey). Then one could write a browserplugin that maintains the current vault content on disk or in memory in the browser and can easily update the vault with new notes

But the existance of such api would imply that people can sync for free so I dont think that we are going to get it

Thanks. Sorry I haven’t gotten around to accept the PR. Hopefully I can get to it over the next few days. Appreciate your input.

PR added now to repo

Thank you. But we would have liked to see this great idea for an open-source browser like Firefox as well.