Tabs in the Main Area of Obsidian view (in the panes)

I am a big fan of the new changes in the sidebar. I think it has a lot of potential and will make a significant impact on productivity, esp. the tabs.

If this feature gains traction among users, then how about enabling tabs in the main area of Obsidian (in the panes) similar to what is now available in the sidebar? I think the design should follow what is now common in most browsers. Control+tab shortcuts to navigate, the ability to close all or close everything to the right, duplicate tab. Hovering over tab should show the name of the. Chrome recently implemented the feature to group tabs.

Maybe eventually the ability to open notes within a folder as tabs. Or multi select notes from the File Explorer to open them as tabs. Conversely, if you can have the option to create or move to a folder for tabs that are open.


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