Tabs and panes

Hi everyone, new to the forum and i can already tell its a helpful place. I find myself here due to the recent update, removing the sliding panes function in favour of tabs/stacked tabs.
I am not sure if what i am trying to do is possible, if not i think the functionality can be improved massively.
If we could have panes/sliding panes inside of tabs then we could have more open but less clutter. Right now you can either have individual tabs, which open full screen and are switchable from the top bar, or you stack them and open up something “to the right”, cluttering the screen. My request would look something like:
Tab 1 has three notes/panes open, notes a, b and c, tab 2 has 3 notes/panes open, notes d,e and f. But crucially tabs 1 and 2 would work like the unstacked tabs at present meaning they dont display on the main screen at one time, but are switchable from the top bar. Less of an issue when on a widescreen monitor but if im on my macbook the above would REALLY help having a couple of different workflows on the go at once without clutter.
I hope i have explained myself clearly lol, it just seems so simple in my head when looking at the new tabs how much cleaner it could be.
So to be clear, the option to have panes within tabs, freeing tabs to stay separate from each other in the top bar

Many thanks if you made it this far


I wrote the same feature request.

Picture of what it might look like:

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Yes, exactly this. Sliding panes within separate tabs. I also miss the purple highlight to the side bar. Glad im not the only one