Tables within a note - Copy/Pasting into Emails and Docs - formatting issue

What I’m trying to do

If I wanted to quickly copy a table (and text) within a note then paste it into email - a web based email client or an app like Apple Mail or even Word - naturally its in markdown format.

Is there a very simple way to ensure it pastes with the format (basically WYSIWYG)? Thank you!

Things I have tried

Someone suggested putting it in Reader mode, but I wasn’t even able to copy the content in the note, let alone paste it.

Currently, and perhaps depending on the operating system, Obsidian indeed puts the raw markdown code in the clipboard, which on the receiver end is pasted as raw text.

Community Extensions can usually come to the rescue. The “Copy document as HTML” community plugin can copy a note or a selection to the clipboard as text/html. In many programs, this will be pasted as formatted text.

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Thank you!