Tables : no cursor when selecting a cell?

After creating a table, one would expect a cursor to appear when selecting an empty cell.

Is it normal there is no visual feedback (like a cursor blinking) when clicking in an empty cell ?

Thank you

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Hello, I had the same problem as you. On my side, it was caused by the Banners plugin. Adding a css snippet with this content fixed the issue for me:

/* bugfix for disappearing caret in new obsidian tables */
.table-editor .table-cell-wrapper .cm-scroller {
  flex-direction: row;

BTW thank you @noatpad for your Banners’fork :pray:

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Wow, thank you ! This plugin really has unexpected side effects…

I found another issue with this plugin, where typing becomes stuttering if you write above certain tables… : [2.0.5] One of my notes is stuttering when I type text, only disabling "Banners" plugin solves the issue. · Issue #149 · noatpad/obsidian-banners · GitHub (@noatpad : if you wish to investigate).

@JamesKF You could read up on the thread below and use a css snippet as an alternative to the Banner plugin.

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