Tables in Minimal Theme - Big Margin on Left

I’ve been trying to easily create a table for layout but while using the minimal theme, every table I create has a big margin (or padding) on the left (shown in the screenshots).

I tried other table plugins but even with Advanced Tables (etc), I’m still getting the big space.

I have looked at CSS and tried editing it but can’t get it fixed.

When I use a different theme, the space is gone.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks. Martin.

Not at my desk at the moment to check, but you have wide in the cssclasses. Try adding table-wide as well.

table-wide makes it look correct while editing, but in read mode (preview), the problem remains.

While in Preview, if I disable one line of CSS, the table goes to the left where it should be:

margin-inline: var(--container-table-margin)!important;

Does that help to identify the issue?

Hmm. Not sure.

The editor and Reading view look fine on my end using wide and table-wide.

CleanShot 2024-06-09 at 08.46.50

I’d try updating Minimal – there have been a few updates the past few days – and also check it’s not the dashboard or homepage CSS jamming things up.

Thank you for the suggestions. When I get time I am going to move all my files into a new, fresh vault and start again because I think I have done something in CSS that messed it up.