Tables in Callouts on v1.5.3

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I’m having an issue with v1.5.3 regarding the new table creation interface. I cannot seem to be able to create a table in a callout. Does anyone else have similar issues?

Hello menonitefury,
I’m experiencing the same issue.
When I attempt to create a table using the Ctrl+P insert table, the result is unsuccessful.
However, if I manually construct the table (the old-fashioned way), like this:

> [!note]
> | col 1 | col 2 |
> | -------------- | -------------- |
> | Data 1         | Data 2         |
> | Data 3         | Data 4         |
> | Test 5          | Test 6          |

Everything works perfectly.


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Hi glvercellone,

I did notice the same thing regarding inputting the tables manually. I’m wondering if there’s a workaround or if this is a temporary bug until the next release. I have to admit, the new tables interface is so convenient for me, I may just remove callouts from my notes for the time bring!

I agree that the new interface is really “excellent.” I can’t remember if before the release of version 1.5.3, it was possible to automatically create a table in a callout, or if it’s a feature they still need to implement.

Best regards!

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