Tables cause content loss

ob form is in the format of |ABCD|ABCD|,So it needs to render it in tables,And then the table takes a long time to render, and it’s easy to go wrong if you do something, like press ctrl z, click the mouse, scroll down the wheel, or even do nothing, just wait for him to finish rendering, scroll down the wheel, It might cause a lot of lines to copy down。
I’m going to switch to loom,I’ve seen the format. It’s in the (" content = “ABCD”, side=ABCD) format,In other words, when you click edit on a cell, it will not affect the other cells, and when you finish editing the cell, the table will be locked, and there will be no such risk,The ob format, which causes you to edit the contents of one cell, runs the risk of affecting the contents of all cells in the entire table,It’s just outrageous。