Table: Scrollbar ouside viewport

What I’m trying to do

I have several tables which are both very high and very wide (that is, larger than the viewport). In previous versions of obsidian, a horizontal scrollbar is shown for the whole note, so that I can scroll the table horizontally even if the bottom of the table is not in the viewport. This is nice.

However, since the latest updates, the horizontal scrollbar for the whole note is gone. Instead, there is a horizontal scrollbar for each individual table, and this scrollbar is most of the time outside the viewport (because my tables are very high). So whenever I want to scroll horizontally at a position in the table (let’s call this position A), I need to first scroll vertically down to the bottom of the table, scroll horizontally, and scroll vertically back to A. This is much more cumbersome than before.

It there a way to remove the horizontal scrollbar for the individual tables, and restore the horizontal scroll bar for the whole note?

Things I have tried

I tried to use custom css to get the old behavior, but I had no luck.

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Interested in this as well. My old css code to make larger preview windows no longer works. The preview window gets larger but all the text and tables remain small with the scroll bars?