Table of contents [[internal links]] to new notes and their subtopics

Here is a use case – imagine a single note showing contents of ‘Poisson Distribution’, image from wikipedia:

  1. In the same note, I am able to link all the headers to the TOC section, just like a wiki.(Check)
  2. I can also make a new note each for ‘1. Definitions’, ‘2. Properties’, etc. and link the title back to the original TOC note. (Check)
  3. Question: Now, can I link the subheaders (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5) created in the new note ‘1.Definitions’ back to the original note?

Basically - I am looking for a way to create chapters in their own note, and view their contents in a super TOC. Is this already possible? or perhaps there are other workflows to workaround?

This sort of TOC can also be very handy to view as a mind map/tree.


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Have you tried heading links? They let you specify a link such as [[note name#some heading in that note]] to get to a heading in a different note.

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I’m new enough at this that I don’t know if this adds to the discussion or not, but I’m creating a manual TOC for a book synopsis using the technique specified by Ryan:

Is there a way to suppress the page name in the link so I can make the TOC entry itself the button? Or a markup symbol which means “the current page”, which would speed things up?


I’m not sure I’m following you, sorry. You’re using a link alias via | already, but would writing [[Bk - Make Time - How to Focus on What Matters Every Day#Make Time Summary|Make Time Summary]] suffice? It should render as “Make Time Summary” with a link to that heading.

Alternatively, if those are headings in the current note, you can actually just write [[#Make Time Summary]] and it should work.

Edit: also, don’t forget about the Outline plugin, which renders a live linked list of headings in the current note automatically!

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Thanks, very useful ideas. JV

I missed this possibility because I relied on the Obsidian Help / How To / “## Internal Links” instructions. An example of a truly “internal” link to the following “###Following Links” paragraph would have been useful. Perhaps a clear distinction between internal to the database and internal to the page…? JV

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Good idea! @mediapathic FYI :point_up_2:

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