Table of Contents and its preview

Hello, I have several questions:

  1. Is there any possibility to move back again to the table of contents like in Wikipedia with side mouth buttons? Because if there a lot of information it’s extremely inconvenient to move with side slider or arrows and PgUp buttons.
  2. I can fold all headers from 1 to 6, but I can’t fold the main logical header - “Headers Example”, why so? And why when I try to fold, let’s say, “Header 4”, it folds everything beneath. Is there any option to fold headers separately?
  3. Why preview of the “Headers Examples” is empty? Obviously it contains six another headers, moreover, it has the same behavior when headers contain information.


  1. When I try to write down new chapter after “Header 6” (for example, ### Code Examples), it automatically belongs to the “Header 1”, why is it happening and how to avoid it?


Okay, I figured out 2 and 4 problems, it’s all about headers hierarchy. For example, # is the main header folds everything beneath until I put another # header.

I have a little problem slightly out of a topic, but I don’t want to create another post:
Is it possible to start new line slightly indented? If I understood correctly, it’s possible with TAB in the code block. But I need a raw line like new lines in the books.

It looks like it isn’t a header. Perhaps you could paste your example text here? Fence it with triple backticks to show the raw text.

Markdown does not support indenting like this, but it can be controlled with CSS.

Thank you for your reply, after rearranging headers in a proper way, preview became fully visible.
Could you explain a little bit which settings/lines I should look in the CSS exactly?

I’m afraid I don’t know offhand, but I think if you search here or in the community Discord you’ll likely find something you like.

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