Table Editor in V 1.0 Doesn't work as before

I used to edit tables that I had created using the | key and the tab key, and have a number of them, but now I can not seem to edit them… Something has changed.

If I place the cursor in an existing cell and enter some text, TAB no longer takes you to the next cell. Entering return in the last cell of a line no longer gives you a new line at the bottom of your table – it screws up the table’s format?

Any idea what is wrong?

Did you have a community plugin installed to help with this?

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Yes, you were right. The Advanced Table editor plugin was turned off. It works again once I turned it “ON” in the settings. With the new version I had turned all the plugins off trying to figure it out. Thanks.

I don’t remember functionality like this. Are you certain you didn’t have that Advanced Table plugin enabled before? That’s exactly what it says it does.

I was not clear. It was ‘on’ before. I turned the plugins ‘off’ to debug issues I was having in v1.0 … the new version did not change how tables work

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Oh right. You were clear. I read incorrectly. Glad you got it all sorted out.

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