Table cells in reader mode have an unexpected leading space

Table cells in live preview mode contain a leading space character which can cause unexpected wrapping problems in reader mode depending on custom CSS styles.

Wrong Layout (screenshot):

Expected Layout (screenshot):

Source table:

| Header1 | Header2 | Header3 |
| ------- | ------- | ------- |
| Value1  | Value2  | Value3  |

CSS Formatting Snippet (the reason the problem was discovered):

table {
    width: 100% !important;
td:last-child {
    width: 100%;

Generated HTML. Note the space at teh beginning of each <p> tag which causes the problem in the first screenshot.

<table id="obsidian-sheets-parsed">
            <th class="" row-index="0" col-index="0"><p> Header1</p></th>
            <th class="" row-index="0" col-index="1"><p> Header2</p></th>
            <th class="" row-index="0" col-index="2"><p> Header3</p></th>
            <td class="" row-index="2" col-index="0"><p> Value1</p></td>
            <td class="" row-index="2" col-index="1"><p> Value2</p></td>
            <td class="" row-index="2" col-index="2"><p> Value3</p></td>

Note that simply disabling wrapping for table cells is not an option as some of these cells have text which should wrap.

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