Tab/spaces at begining of line

So I haven’t found related topics.
I don’t want to use list because not need extra symbols to separate related info.

What I want to do:
I have first line of statement, below it I want put related info like links or comments. I want to put spaces\tabs at start of a line of related info, to separate where starts new statement and where related info for previous statement.
Is there any way to put empty space at start of a line to display info in preview mode like in edit mode?

A problem you’re going to run into is that Markdown interprets blank space as a code block / HTML <pre> tag. (Remember, Markdown started life as a simpler way to Mark text up for the web, and HTML itself doesn’t understand indenting outside of lists, except with the help of CSS.)

There are other structures that you can use to set off text as somehow “belonging” to the prior paragraph/item. Lists are one, as you mentioned.

Quote blocks

like this

(> like this) are another, if you’re ok using them to mean something other than literally quoted content.

A third — and I’m not sure if Obsidian implements this or if it’s part of Multimarkdown, which I use via other apps — is the definition list:

Parent text (formally, the item to be defined).
: subsidiary text (formally the definition)

It doesn’t look anything special here because the markup clearly isn’t implemented in this forum.

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