TAB key only indents, not makes script block

Please make this as an option! Nearly all notetaking non-md programs (OneNote, Roam, Evernote, …) use TAB for indents. Here using it entails getting ugly red text afterwards :frowning: It is so bad, real deal-breaker for me :frowning:
Ah! And please make this indents visible in preview mode! :slight_smile:


What preference have you set for indenting? Spaces or tabs? See Obsidian’s preferences.

Also, note that Obsidian uses markdown. Those other editors you mention are rich text editors. In Markdown, four spaces is a specific syntax that indicates that you’re writing a code block. This is standard across most markdown applications.

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My setting is “Use tabs to indent”

I know it is markdown, but Roam somehow can use “tab” in indentation ok and still use other markdown features without problems, right?
I definitely won’t press space bar 4 times every time I want to make an indent, it is very uncomfortable for me. Obsidian already CAN use tab key for that. All I ask is to find a way NOT to make it code-block somehow. I believe it is possible. I’m sure a lot of people that come from other programs will have the same problem.
For all programmers out there make it just switchable option in Settings. Besides, there are other md ways to mark a code block, if I’m not mistaken :slight_smile:

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Apparently, Typora can make indents, somehow. I think Typora uses a ​ in front of four spaces.

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Roam might use markdown syntax in some ways, but it is not a markdown editor. Markdown editors edit plain text markdown-formatted files. Roam is a rich text outliner with a proprietary data structure.

This is not just semantics. The difference allows both apps to do different things.

Sure, but your primary complaint is therefore with Markdown conventions and standards, not with Obsidian.

You should submit a feature request for this. Though, because you are asking for Obsidian to adopt non-standard markdown, I’m not sure it’ll gain much traction. All you can do is try, though!

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