Tab indents disappear in readermode

I like having Indentation for sperating text and making it easyier to read. In Previewmode I have my Indentation, but as soon as I swicht to reader mode the tabs disappear and the readability goes down the drain.

I think this is a Bug, but tbh. I am not shure.
Most ‘solutions’ I found either didn’t work or required putting non-removing-indents at the start of each line.

If this is the intended behavior I am sorry and would love an option to either have an indent-keyword in readermode or a switch to keep tabs.

In edit mode.

In reader mode.

I am using Obsidian v1.4.16 on Windows 10

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The is expected behavior for Markdown to HTML conversion. I’d review these links:

Markdown Resources

If you want to preserve your indents, you’ll have to use something like mentioned here, a code block, or use lists to indent sub-items.

Moved to help.

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