Tab bars on multiple lines

I often open a lot of notes, and there is less and less space to print their titles in the tab bar.
I would like to have the possibility to show the tab bars on multiple lines.
I found a similar request for Sublime Text, with the following image:

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Hi, I have made a CSS file that enables flex-wrap (wrapping) for the tabs.

NOTE: It does not handle dragging, so moving the tabs does not really work.



Just add the following CSS to a file in the <your-vault>/.obsidian/snippets/wrapped-tabs.css.

/* Remove header height */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs .workspace-tab-header-container {
	height: unset !important;

/* Enable flex wrap */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs .workspace-tab-header-container-inner {
	flex-wrap: wrap !important;
	padding-bottom: 6px !important;

/* Style tab elements */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs .workspace-tab-header-container-inner .workspace-tab-header {
	min-width: unset !important;
	max-width: min-content !important;
	border-radius: 6px;
	padding: 3px !important;

/* Remove tab element decoration */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs {
	box-shadow: unset !important;
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs {
	box-shadow: unset !important;
/* Remove seperation lines */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs .workspace-tab-header-inner::after {
	background: unset !important;

/* Always enable tab element close button */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tabs .workspace-tab-header-inner-close-button {
	display: flex !important;
	color: transparent; /* Hide close button by default */

/* Set max height for new tab and tab list buttons */
.workspace-split.mod-root .workspace-tab-header-container > :not(.workspace-tab-header-container-inner) {
	max-height: var(--header-height);