Tab bar is height too high- Is it possible to reduce it?

Currently this is the look of Obsidian’s tab height. For example, if there are two tab bars visible then they take significant screen space:

To contrast here is the tab height in VsCode:

As you can see its much more compact. VsCode code has a setting for this, window.density.editorTabHeight. In Obsidian, is there currently a way to change the tab height, either via a setting or even a CSS code.

I am on the latest version, I am also using the Minimal theme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Not a CSS guy, so someone else will have an idea to do something about that.
But you can try setting your zoom level to 76 or 83(?) percent as well. I am now down to 76 and getting used to it.

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@Ralf_Reddings You could give this a try for tabs across the top of your workspace:

You could add

/* ribbon gap */
.workspace-ribbon.mod-left {
  margin-top: 30px;

to take care of the gap at the top of the ribbon.

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